Wisdom From Above

" But the wisdom that is from above is pure,then peaceful,gentle and easy to be entreated,full of mercy and good fruits,without partiality and without hypocrisy''.- James3:17

Have you ever wondered how did inventors come up with their increadible inventions,I imply.Think about  it,a whole one man coming up with inventing a car, cell phone,building a house,gadgets ,going to space,naming planets ,studying human behaviaor .....etc. How did they know?, what were they thinking,what did they imagine.If I had to go back in the early 100s,I would invent music,since there is no historical record of the first of the creator or the person who came up with music.

Our inventors are the proof that wisdom from above exists,with their invetions,amazing inventions each one of them brought change. Change that is evolutionary, by naming animals ,flowers based on their generic and epthet name. The bionomial nomenclature developed by Carl Linnaeus in the 1750s to the hasty world where "The advance of tecnology is based on making it fit in so that you don't really even notice it,so it's part of everyday life".- Bill Gates

In short "knowledge without wisdom is like sand in the water"-African Proverbs, with all the knowledge one have ,without wisdom it is really hard coming out to the surface.

  • Knowledge is having the information.
  • Intelligence is using it to your advantage
  • Wisdom is bieng true to yourself in the process.-Thinkgrowproper.

I bet all our world's greatest inventors, all the successful famous/not famous individuals made it to the surface even though they were like sand in the water. That zeal in you,that feeling you have when no one is watching I belive it is not there by mistake or maybe you might be thinking you taking chances but you are not. It was writen in the cosmos,the stars.The tread has been spinned it was all meant to be.



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