1 Gelatin is divided into 2 equal parts, soread into 2 glasses and poured with boiled water at room temperature. This is done from the very beginning so that the gelatin has time to swell.

2 Then boil 4/5 of a bag of frozen strawberries in 0,7 liters of water.

When the berry almost meets the desired taste, citric acid and sugar are added to it.

The syrup remains on the fire until the sugar and acid are completely dissolved.

After removing from the heat one of the glasses with gelatin is gradually introduced into the mixture. Stir until the gelatin is completely dissolved.

3 The remaining strawberries whole or cut are placed in the prepared with syrup with gelatin and put in the refrigerator.

4 At this time, the second layer is prepared: sour cream is whipped with sugar, the second glass of gelatin is heated in a steam bath.

After all the ingredients are ready, gelatin is slowly added as a second layer to the form.

5 A dessert made of strawberries, gelatin and sour cream is placed in the refrigerator for  40-50 minutes after solidification, it can be served on the table.

Before serving, the bottom layer lags behind the mold.

The dessert should be placed on the plate so that the sour cream layer is at the bottom, and the berries frozen in the syrup are on top.


Strawberry    400g

Sugar             1,5 cups

Sour   cream   15%  200g

Gelatin       30g

Citric  acid    2g

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