My article is generating views but revenue is not increasing

If one person opens an article 10 times, the article views count will be 10. Article views is not equal to article revenue. Article revenue will depend on article read. If your article is 30 seconds long, the reader should read the article for atleast 15 seconds in order for the system to count it as read. If system has counted it as read, the article will generate revenue. In short your article revenue will depend on article read, not on article views.


My Article has views but I don't have any earning

Article views is not equal to article earning, any reader can read same article multiple time, if 1 user reads same article 10 times article view will be shown as 10, but you wont get earnings of 10 readers, you'll only get paid for below conditions, if reader is unique, has read atleast 30% of total article read time, also if reader is using adblocks javascript will not work so earning will not be counted, if traffic is invalid, bot, using vpn etc will also wont be counted


I got paid less than what I withdraw?

There are 2 reason why you got paid less than withdraw amount, We pay in USD but bank charges, payment gateway charges etc may apply that may lower the amount you've recieved. If you're an high traffic user our system is still not configured for high traffic, so if your account recieves traffic more than 1000 per day, the total traffic will be stored/shown in your account, that means all traffic will be captured, but when you withdraw our moderators will manually inspect the traffic then clear out the invalid traffic then only the valid traffic amount will be sent, soon we'll resolve this high traffic issue


What all payment gateways are there?

We have google pay, paytm, phonepay, upi, bank transfer, paypal etc we'll be adding more payment gateways soon we're working on that


When is the payout day?

Payouts are usually once every month, On last week of the month but we're working on same day payouts.


What is the minimum withdraw amount?

The minimum withdraw amount is 3$


What is the maximum withdraw amount?

There is no maximum withraw amount or amount lock