The Outer Rings Of Sanity

Where does modern progressive thinking & self choice stop.And veer off into insanity?

When does self absorption veer off the edge & become insanity?
When people start to "Self Identify" with a cat or a microwave oven,Is it modern "hip" progressive thinking or the decent into lunacy??

Crossing The Line

Call me old if you will,but in ages past,even in my age,people who alluded to themselves in the above fashion, were viewed as a "Suitable case for treatment" Today its taken as a matter of choice! That may be,But no one is going to hire someone who thinks their a "Baseball Bat" unless there's an opening in their company for a "Masochist! simple as  that! Believing your something else & the reality of "Who or What" you are, are completely different, So you "identify" with a Cheetah? but..can you run at 90 mph?? of course not!,Reality & the mind boggling illusion are totally different!

What's Happened

Our current days & times have left people deluded about many things,IE:From cartoons,Tigers are cute,Bears are funny..Noooo..Both are predators whose natural inclination is to kill you & eat you! Real animals are not the "Humanized" cuties,who are sociable or funny,For me,I find it strange writing about this,because its fact,Everyone should have sense enough to know these things,But sadly today, so many seen not to! "

Outer Rings Of Sanity?

"In many ways we have brought,by our portrayal of various situations & Movie "Fairy Tales"   modern life into the "surreal" era,If someone doubt's their origins and allude elsewhere.Its because WE "contributed"
to it in times not so far past.A similar situation happened pretty 1914,When their had been no wars,no harsh reality,for over 40 years,resulting in a liberalism,not seen again to this era..Mysticism"  Escapist fun,fantasy,all flourished..So it is again World War 1 ! The 1919 "Asian Flu " pandemic (Which killed 50 million people worldwide) brought about grimer times,little money,priorities changed,Young people then grew up in this climate,& passed on the lessons to their children..The horrors of World War 2 re-enforced them..

America & China

In many ways America & China almost mirror each other,in that both have created a "ME ME ME" society,Under the old Communist "One Child " rule,Great attention was given to the "one child",in China Toys, gifts were showered upon them,The became the focus of both the parents & the home,"Little Buddahs" who expected to get,and were given,anything they wanted & expected..Thats the current Generation of Leaders & Industry captains,in China now,With the attitude ,mentality,& expectation of "ME ME Me!"
America through simply bad parenting,committed the exact same mistake,Many complain about Millennial" how self-absorbed they are & Hyper-Sensitive..Thats because the " Flower Power generation of the 1960's had children,who in turn,instead of teaching their children about life,gave them anything they wanted,When these went out into the wider world,through complete lack of parental teaching,The Millenials expected the whole world would do as "Mon & Dad did,"ME ME ME" dosen't work..& it was the reason there was so much suicide among young people,they simply were not taught to "COPE", To be resilient..These are the current 20 somethings in America today.So both China & America, in this respect,have in the past,contributed heavily,to the "ME ME ME" generations..

Other Cultures:The Difference:

While the US & China went down the route they did,(From opposite directions,but same results) with their younger generations,) Other countries with different problems didn''t  create the sane problems,Each had their own difficulties,For Germany & Japan,their grandparents probably instilled tales of the austere 50's which in turn were passed along by generation,urging frugality & being realistic.Britain & France both had their own austerities,mainly from near economic collapse,But with it realism,For Russia & the former eastern bloc countries,decades of grim communist control,shortage,deprivation,meant just being alive & surviving,was always THE priority..It shaped National Outlook for most nations.Africa,& The 3rd world live on the edge of starvation most days,Few ever go "Crazy" in these hard circumstances,Too much to do..No "pampered" time to sit around,brainwashing themselves into believing their a plastic chair! ..These also give great life lessons about self reliance,common sense, which can be used well forever & passed on to kDa,grandkids..Today too many believe they are "omnipotent" too many fantasy movies,too much narcissism has been part of their upbringing..In short..Too much "Delusion & Illusion"
Teaching our kids about real life is a duty & priority,to prepare them for the later world & their chosen role in it.Giving everything is not good parenting,Its a disservice to the newer generation ,and false Info about how things actually are.Teach them to THINK for themselves,to make personal choices..That will help them greatly in whatever they do.
The "Outer Rings Of Sanity" is not a nice place to be...Its the very mental edge..

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