The Magical Rays Of Hope

The Magical Rays Of Hope


At certain times in our lives,or when your life,or our world,seems futile,nothing but darkness,everywhere you look..a little "pinprick may appear...its miniscule..almost unseeable..but it starts to grow & grow,eventually becoming a blinding light,illuminating everything,chasing the darkness away,making the dark shadows flee..Welcome to.."The Magical Rays Of Hope!"


Fixing Negative


The world we live in today,has more negativity,than its ever had in history,This in spite of the fact,that our global race,has never ever had so many superficial distractions to stop boredom,

Internet,Social Media,communications our Ancestors,could never imagine,But with all this,the whole world,has never been more UNHAPPY,Maybe the result of took much lesure time,too much time to THINK,Given the "Doom & Gloom,we hear on the news,& just about everywhere,People are conditioned to think  & act miserable.Aɲ Example:.I write articles,yet most of the other articles tend to be negative,full of self pity,,& their "sucessful" because many "identify" with the "misery" Life has always had a balance,The old idiom "Make Your Own Sunshine,  seems to be currently lost..That can be changed..🙂


Changing Outlook


If your miserable,who does it affect most? YOU of course!Its like a handicap on your life,a mental prison.

If you surround yourself with Negative miserable people..Take the personal decision &  "distance yourself from them..There are those for whom,"nothing" will ever be right,mostly they just "use" others as a "soundingboard" for their own negativity.That won't help you..Find newer friends,ones who approach life as an opportuinity,rather than an "insurmountable obstacle" that can't be breeched.Had people in past days thought like that,we wouldn't have anything.Make life work for YOU..!


Worry Beads


Stress is probably one of the biggest factors indirectly of so many people globally dying early,Cardiac Arrest ect..Simple ways to solve anything,is to compartmentalise the problem,fix a strand at a time..Eventually, you will have "solved" it all..The Positive approach.The "Ɲegative" moans gloomily over the whole issue confronting them,Many times they solve nothing..



Into The Light


Bringing "light"into your life is relativly easy as we have already  mentioned So some facts..

If you owe a million dollars,You dont HAVE a million dollars to repay it back.So What to do.Positive & Negative Angles..Positive,Try & convince some of your investors,that you need time,& pressuring at the moment,might only lead to a total unrecoverable loss of their entire investment.Many will give you that time,because they dont want to lost the initial investment..Be CONFIDENT! in actions & manner.That in turn inspires confidence on the people who are owed.Find avenues of diversity,if nessessary,"innovate" life & business all..have problems,its how you approach it that makes the difference..Negative Approach: First off..People will notice if your only half heartedly trying to justify,where tjheir money is being spent,If your negative,the vibes,will create suspicion & cause people to question your judgement & ability to deliver what you promised,That creates panic,Soon you will be getting Lawyers letters DEMANDING to know every fine detail...Bankruptsy looms,The cost of negativity & a gloomy demeanor..People need those "Magic Rays Of Hope" they desire them,are reassured by them.But once time is bought..Use it well to "deliver" Even a little at first..Your creditors will see that hope & progress.


Personal. Relationships


Everyone at some stage or other,in their lives,will experience a "toxic" relationship..Whether its a young relationship,or a bad marrage,Probably the easiest way,is to be honest & end it.

In the United Kingdom,a whole new approach to failing marrage ,& kids,has been tried.That is,..A Judge thinks only of the wellbeing of the children,to leave them in a marrage 

" warzone" traumatizises the childreɲ,who have to put up with constant rows & worse.So the Judge may (unlike older times,("Stay together for kids excuse")Actually tell the warring spouces to Divorce,Concern for the mental wellbeing of the children is patamount. to avoid giving them  a twisted  outlook on relationships..So better along with one parent only,the othet always,of course expected to fullfill parental "Obligations" sometimes under court monitoring..A positive approach.No one suffers or endures,least of all the childten,who can have a much less trouble free upbringing,free of emotional or mental scars..Its a novel pratical scheme,which ultimatly should bring about well adjusted young people..


The Worlds Magic Rays Of Hope..


The knowledge that human beings have, it increasing at an enourmous rate. an example being,30years ago,evey ten years or so, humans knew a million times more than they did before.Today as of this year..By 2030 people (The human race,in its entirety,will know 20 MILLION times more than we do now,By 2040 they will know 45 MILLION times more,a truly awsome rate of knowledge increase..So here are the "Magical Rays" By that time,People lay be bright enough to solve the global warming issue,& our over depeɲdance on fossil fuels..Those are good hopes.Much better than the " Harbinger Of Doom,Greta Thunberg! So there are great possibilities for at least a good measure of "control" over the Earths changes..Let us hope the newly aquired knowledge will be used well.


Economics: Countries


While at the moment there is economic recession,(helped along no doubt,by the Corona Virus pandemic)Remember economics go in cycles,Upturn,Downturn,its the logic of economics,Boom & Bust,Bull Market/Bear Market,its a cycle..For countries with an unpopular leader,there is the hope of  democratic removal,Of someone else(Hopefully an idealist!) coming along & changing everything for the better & inturn providing the much needed "hope " factor..

For enslaved Nations ,The prospect of eventual change of sysyem,sparks the hope factor



The worst thing anyone can do,is take away hope,once thats gone,there is only dispair,A rotting of the soul..

Religon provides a very nessessary service both as a social & Religous entity,in the world..It provides Hope,At times this was used to placate unhappy people in repressive regimes..Today much less so.Everyone needs the right to dream,to wish..& that little "pinprick" of light begins..

The Magical Rays Of Hope.are magical indeed..



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