What makes the perfect teacher in class and in life?


What makes the perfect teacher in class and in life?


I studied with many teachers. I love and respect them. I learned a lot from them. They have had a deep impact on my personality. But until now, the best thing I found is   Mr Madhav. He is a science teacher. And I think it is an ideal teacher. His disciples with love and respect. His students are always happy in your company. And to share his wonderful  knowledge is great to have. This is his popular qualities. He believes in the convenience of life and simple clothes, and clean deep thoughts. He has a good physique. He never wanted to hurt anybody or be rude. The secret to his health is his balanced diet. He is pure in his habits and knows what’s right.  And avoids everything that hurts healthy lifestyle. Always see the brightness of things in life. He has a good manner. His attitudes for his students always understand. He welcomes students' questions also gives sound advice. What a friend to have?  He knows his work well and makes something hard easy to understand .Hindi Grammar - Headache for many students, but he teaches him in a very simple way. Even the most unlearnt person can easy follow him. He does not consume a minute in class with boring explanation of either. So he is why he can support perfect discipline in His classes. But always gentle in how he shows it . He commands his students to obey and they follow him. He is very interested in all the activities of the school. From organizes discussions, plays and annual performances. He is also highly respected by his former students. Madhav is the best teacher for me .As I’m concerned in my life and in school greatly.

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