Saturday 5:37am, Septmeber nineth, 2023


The Diary Of Adolscence

     Today, I discovered a way to communicate with the world without having to communicate in person. "Is this something of anxiety?", I say to myself while I contemplate on the journey of life... Sometimes I ponder on emotions as though I can physically fix them. Im aware of the fact that feelings are untanigable yet im still somehow able to feel. "What do I feel?" I feel peace. My inner self feels as though I have mastered a peaceful mind full of nothing, like the theory of realitivity. A physics joke at its finest if you know what I mean. 

     Now that I have realized my preverse way of introduction, today, I have finally evolved, I am no longer just a specimen, however, whispers*, "I'm offically a living human being trying to communicate in a world full of telecommunicators". "How did I discover how to be social?" Simple, I started to do absolutely nothing, literally, as Albert Einstein once did he loathed around for a year before discovering his passion in physics which I find to be quite motivational since I have not only worked for seven years of my life, but I didnt get the chance to let my mind sit and ponder on how exactly id make it in the real world. I have this dream, a dream that only myself knows and those around me, however, like a stump ive been stuck for four years working after highschool. I want to work but not in the mindset of income. This seems to me, that money has taken over my life instead of pursuing in my dream. I love the aspect of freedom so I want to be a free spirit and still work but for a passion rather than an income. 

     This dream I will slowly unravel and when I achieve my dream, only then and only then, will my journey begin in the world of mysterious destinations. Till then I'll write another day so stay tuned, this is my word of journey gradually combining into my life. Im excited! Jubilent, "hehe," have a good day! or be like Ryan Reynolds and have a great day! Just the gensis of my own revelation, another day of adolscence. 

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