What is Christianity?

Many have asked this question before and many have answered miraculous times to be brought to the same question; what is Christianity? Why believe? Why love God when we have yet to know him. Yet He is known to know us. When all that we know is what has been taught through His Son. 

  Christianity is immortality. The simplest term for its concept yet still remains a mystery in some peoples eyes. When Jesus Christ was born, His Mother Mary gave birth to Him, the Son of God; To be the Lord, King of all Kings. Mary was a virgin and She gave Herself before God and He saw Her to be righteous and good, pure for His Son to be born. The teachings of Jesus Christ revovled around the Father for His Father is to be praised and His Son acknowledged for He healed and saved in the genesis of Him. Jesus Christ showed the behavior of His Father through His actions and miracles. The message Jesus Christ wanted to present before people was to acknowledge God through Him to praise His Father knowing His Son. When Jesus Christ was sacraficed His Father did not plan to sacrafice Him it was the poeple who decided to take His Son, claiming evil for Jesus Christ is proof of magic, good magic. After Jesus Christ knew He would be sacraficed He understood knowing He became king after the immoral actions of society. 

Jesus Christ purpose was not to become King but to reveal immortality and through his loss he gained immortality and became King because He earned it for the people to live an eternal life through His Father. Ressurecting from the dead and walking in flesh and spirit, living proof of eternal life. Jesus Christ is not a folktale or myth, He exists and lives till this day roaming and observing for His Father to prove that people have changed from their immoral ways, percieveing evil to exist when God defeated evil when light defeated darkness. 

The perception of evil is within the mind, a person chooses to be good or bad for it is free will, the image of the ruler of evil is only money and things, the reality behind this creature is the thought of evil having control when only you control yourself. Thus brings good and bad knowledge to mind for those who are opened, since the corruption of bad knowledge was released into our minds due to our own actions. God loves Everyone and He created us to be good, however, because we opended our mind to evil, we became seperated from the Holy Spirit until we learned to be good through the eyes of God. God blessed us with knowledge and through christianity we learn the peace that there is no evil or bad, there is only evil or bad through people who opended their minds to such knowledge thus blaming the creature of things. In reality of christianity God exists that is Truth, why we have life, conscious, feelings and our spirit. What explanation can be further elaborated then Christianity itself? Science behind christianity go hand and hand, how would we be able to discover such knowledge of science? When no one knows the beginning of time, not even professional scientists themselves. Think critically about how Jesus Christ who is real in history and is real today, how was he resurected? Roaming and proving to His fellow believers of His Father that He is Real. Even The Holy Bible was created from the beginning of time before Jesus Christs arrival, proving to have true events that took place in history of our time.

To be a christian it is not about appearance, how you dress or how good you are. Its about the character of the heart, how you think as a person, how you feel about others deep down under the blanket of your mind. In christianity this truth is for eternal life, for those who wish to keep their souls eternally and everlasting, to be alive. There is no perfection in the human but that is the imperfect that makes everyone individually perfect. Living side by side in peace full of a world of life and free from the world of death. Feelings will always exist, but current life circumstances are only temporary, to bring tranquility to those who seek life without death.

When you learn from God you learn the Truth of good and bad. We are falsly taught of evil by others, thinking that theres someone behind our calamity to blame when no one is to blame. Its the flesh, a human who wishes to be bad and to bring death and torture to life being a person who claims to be evil. This false human exists only to be human without power just wanting power from God, when such power cant be gained, creating the falsehood of evil within our minds to be judged for the knowlegde and use of your knowledge is the reality behind your own spirit. Therefore the image of the devil does not exist, because even in records the devil is a choosing of evil by only a human created by God, choosing to be evil.

This is the Truth of Christianity, you choose who you are but Jesus Christ is the reality of immortality, a blessing and gift for those who seek to live eternally being full of the knowledge of good and no longer corrupted or influenced by the bad from the world that we are now born in. 

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