Textbook, Teacher-Student Progression

After eight years and as before, the classes have completed one and a half months since the start of the classes. In two schools, textbooks have been distributed from March-April.  Another important aspect in this regard is the revision of textbooks: After many pro-opposition debates on the revision of textbooks, now the textbook revision committee has been dissolved politically and intellectually.  Although there are no major changes, there is a lot of revision work.  As far as I am concerned, it is true that it was done in haste.  As everyone already knows, the text could not be taught in full in the last two academic years.  The academic year was completed by shortening some of the texts as per the orders of the government and education experts.  In all private schools only 60-70% of the textbooks were purchased and remained in the school.  The reason is that not all students are ready to get online education.  Those who bought the text book are very rare among the former.  Private ones too⋅

It is natural to start.  In this case, the revision of the text was not fully decided, so it was decided to distribute the rest of the texts in art schools.  Especially in the language text, only a few lessons, i.e. a couple of lessons, have been changed.  In this regard, the parents are planning to go back to the old text and xerox the new lessons.  Therefore, it cannot be mistaken that it has again created 0 strength for private schools.  In any case, whatever aspects are implemented in the textbook, it is discussed and observed among many experts-analysts and added according to the level of the children.  The teachers have to take into account the intelligence of the children they are teaching, their lack of interest in learning, their ability to understand, and the environment.  That is why government school teachers are given good training by resource persons from time to time

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