Red Flags : Toxic Relationship

Do you have friend who constantly seeks advices from you about his/her relationship? Have you experienced constantly rescuing a friend or a family member in a toxic relationship? Have you ever wondered why they choose to be in it?According to there is 1 in 3 young people will be in an abusive relationship. In 2017, Psychology Today said that over 60% of teens are in an unhealthy relationship and roughly 82% admits that they have been in it. The red flags though is not a secret. There are obvious indicators such as lack of trust, controlling behavious of your partner, toxic communication, patterns of disrespect,negative financial behaviors, dishonesty, jealousy and physical abuse. But why do someone stays on a toxic relationship? The most popular reason is they love their partner. Our society has fed us with the belief that if you love someone you should stand by them- in heaven or even in hell. This is the reason why the thought of " Martyr Love" is hailed a lot in our society. You need to stay to prove how much you love the person even if you already see abusive patterns. Some reasons cited by many studies also are low self esteem, fear, having children and manipulation. Now that we know the red flags and reason why these individuals stay in a toxic relationship, how do we save someone we know who engages in it? The best way is communication. Be an ear to your friend ir family member who is in a toxic relationship and share your thoughts about their situation. Be gentle enough to make them see their situation and spend time focusing in building their self image. Lastly, be honest and always remind them that you're around when they need you the most. Even though it is very exhausting and time consuming job to make a friend or a family member to get away from a toxic relationship, it will be worth enough to see them in a good place after they have freed from their own chains. Always remember that people in this kind of  relationships doesn't really see their situations rather they focus on the belief that their perpetrators will change over time. This problem has been actually part of our societies today and we all must be vigilant and kind enough to save individuals who are trapped in this cycle.


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