Party looks Let the eye make-up be like this..!

The sayings like coriander in the eye and eyes like a lotus are not popular, such words are a proof to understand that there is such power in the eyes of girls.  So, if you want your eyes to look beautiful, it is good to buy some make-up for your eyes.  Everyone ties to use make-up which is trendy these days.  Shimmery makeup is now a hot favorite of celebrities and young women.  Talking about Priyanka Chopra's beauty, she experiments a lot with her makeup.  Her hairstyle, the colors used for her eye make-up, everything is also bold

It is dark.  For her eye look she always likes to have shimmery eyes.  Priyanka Chopra always has an eye-catching appeal in her eyes, from metallic shades to chinni guitar.  Priyanka also tries all kinds of beauty trends.  It is true that doing shimmery eye make-up enhances the beauty of the eyes.  But it is very important to follow some rules while doing it.  # 5 important rules to follow while doing eye make-up If you are also a lover of shimmery eye make-up then definitely follow these rules, make-up is very good.  Don't use too much glitter Some women apply too much shimmer on their eyes.  Try the product on your hands first.  Notice how shiny it is.  By doing this, you can prevent excessive shimmer from appearing on your eyes.  It helps balance your shimmery eye look with other makeup.  Perfect the coating of black liner and mascara to avoid over-shimmering makeup and ruining the look.  # Start eye makeup first while removing excess glitter while doing glitter eye makeup.  Then it is appropriate to move on to the base makeup.

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