Love yourself and others

  1. We are all one spirit we are love the suffering of one is the suffering of all so give each other love if you want love in return I would like to arrange as many people together or by themselves as we can on September 28 at the time of each person's convenience to take a moment somewhere comfortable to close your eyes and go inward look into your pineal gland the third eye while breathing in and out relaxed and deeply getting releasing unwanted energy from your body and inhaling white healing energy or yellow joy energy for example into your body repeat that for a minute or longer with an intention of world peace or reduced stress or of the world being a better place or something you want then opening your eyes and experiencing the improvement. I would like you beautiful people reading this to help me arrange this event where we can get Canadians Americans and everyone we can to participate and take a moment or longer to go inward meditate together on world peace and love and happiness throughout the world. We are all one it's time we all felt our oneness together because together we call all make a positive impact on the world today and improve it for the better .we are all a miracle the power of love and happiness creates miracles.lets all change the world for the better.Love to all from me !!!!!!!!! September 28 is the event day I set planning for everyone to take a minute or longer to close eyes go inward breathe meditation together.lets all enjoy this together from country to country worldwide love you all

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