Kitchen witch tools

All basic kitchen supplies are used such as pots and pans , utensils .ect. Although you should not use and I emphasize this greatly. You SHOULDN'T use copper pans or utensils as copper negates the magical intentions. 

Cast iron works well although expensive. 

I recommend cast aluminum they are cheaper and work well.

As far as spoons , spatulas and mixing utensils use whatever you feel drawn to. Personally I like wood or metal.

Spices are a little more in depth as each spice has a magical corespondence . It is a good idea when starting out to use a reference such as Cunningham’s Encyclopedia Of Magical Herbs, even Google the herbs you want use magical corespondence. Be sure to think of what you want to accomplish as you plan your meal. Intention is everything . 

Meats ,sauces and even drinks can all be magical.

You can make any meal magical as long as your intentions are clear. 

Brooms ,sponges , washcloths can also be blessed and used for magical intentions. 

A broom can be used to sweep negativity from the home.

Sponges can be used to protect the home from negative energy as you clean. The same as washcloths.

Cleaners store bought or home made can be used to remove negative energy and to protect the home,as well as create a peaceful atmosphere.

Home decor can be used as magical protection,drawing in prosperity,wealth and health.

Colors used in painting rooms can be done with specific intentions for the use of that room. Vibrant colors to attract good luck,and energy . Pastel colors to help with sleep or relaxation. Dark colors to calm the mind and spirit.

Plants such as lavender,basil,thyme,aloe,snake plant,and sage can be kept inside to to increase magical environment.

You can keep recipe books , spell books,and your own grimore on your counter or a shelf designated for that purposas for gods worshipped while practicing that is your choice and I will make no recommendations there except follow your instincts. If you are drawn to a certain god or group of gods go with it. Always remember research never hurt anyone.  Have fun and enjoy the journey into self discovery.

In my next article I'll touch on some easy charms and talismans. May your day be blessed and filled with harmony and joy.

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