How to make coffee scrub

A cup of coffee fills your mood with enthusiasm, while applying coffee on the skin also provides many benefits. 

Caffeine, which is considered harmful from the health point of view present in coffee, increases blood circulation and makes the skin youthful and glowing. 

Coffee is said to have collagen and elastin-promoting benefits and have antioxidant properties. 

Apart from this, it prevents the skin from losing moisture. 

Instead of buying an expensive product from the market, use freshly prepared coffee powder at home to take care of your skin. 

In this way, you can use good quality coffee instead of beans containing pesticides. 

Face Scrub and Mask


Mix 3 tsp freshly ground coffee with half a cup of curd. 

If your skin is very dry, you can use whole cream milk instead of curd. 

Blend the mixture and keep it aside for 5 minutes. 

As soon as the mixture becomes slightly thick, add 1 tsp honey to it and stir well. 

Apply this mixture on the face and scrub it for 5 minutes by moving it in circular motions with the fingers in an upward direction. 

Now leave this mixture on the face like a face mask for 10 minutes and then wash off with cold water. 

Pat dry. 

Use it twice a week for best results. 


Body scrub:-


This is the easiest body scrub to make and use, as it is made with only two ingredients. 

It also reduces cellulite and gets rid of dead skin. 

Mix coconut oil in equal proportions in fresh brewed coffee. 

Mix it well or blend it in a blender. 

Scrub on arms, legs and back. 

Try this during the day, wash off with cold water and at night use warm water to clean the skin. 

After this, take a bath with body wash or follow the same procedure as you take a daily bath.


Foot scrub:-


Here we are presenting a short pedicure routine, which you will surely love. 

Prepare a cup of strong black coffee. 

Add 4 tbsp palm sugar to it and keep stirring till the sugar dissolves well. 

With the help of a dropper, add four drops of peppermint oil and allow it to mix in the mixture for a minute or two. 

Use this mixture to scrub the entire foot. 

Rub this mixture well between the fingers and till the heels. 

Wash off with warm water and pat dry the feet. 

Apply cocoa butter to retain the moisture of the feet.


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