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The Book of this Day in HISTORY By Jim Daley

" There is nothing new in the world except the history you do not know."

~Harry S. Truman

Jim Daley is a gentleman who is a investigative journalist and senior editor who has many other books and articles that are worth reading. The inquiry of his articles consist of present time news, liberating reports of criminal offenses, political articles, and writes for South Side Weekly. Born in Chicago, engulfed by the scenes behind police reports, he has found a delight in pursuing journalisim. Before working in literacy Jim haves history in working in many fields. Interestingly he has worked in, "kitchens, bookstores, bars, restaurants, retail shops, painting crews, science labratories, and (briefly) a planetarium." Quite a experienced man I would say having a keen sense in writing. I have not interviewed this gentleman however, from my research that I conducted I give him a good thumbs up! Now that we know a little bit about Jim Daley lets jump into our book report of the month.

Clamatic and thrilling, a book of the history of the day is brought to you by Jim Daley; composed of daily facts in past time presenting the date and year of the event. Not to spoil but the intriguing descriptions included within this book makes you feel as though your living in the current time of the occasion, such a wild life our past was consumed in and yet, still wild in ways till this day. In the readings, you will find yourself immersed in the day to day reminders of ancestry however, you must be carefull to not read futher then the day of which you are reading or it simply would be purposterous to read about the day that has yet to be given. Now since we have settled our introduction to this lovely book, I will analyze in short terms of this reading to give you further infromation. I will not spoil any facts so you can remain at the edge of your seats or ground if your standing. 

A highly recomended book because of the features within this well articulated and composed literacy of our history. This book not only lays out the daily reminders in history but haves the most important dates given from time. He throughly wrote facts describing important events accuratly and precsiely this makes it easier to remember our good and bad days that changed our world dramatically. Thanks to this gentleman I can now recall history to my family and friends at the top of my mind, because of the repetition of the liberties taken and given in the layout formatted in this book. Such a extravagent way to learn everyday without having to look or research fun facts on google; the best way to learn and I quote, " I will study and get ready, and perhaps my chance will come," well said Abarham Lincoln, Knowledge is only aquired through persistent studying. Thank you for reading my article about the book of the month, have a wonderful day!  

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