Baby oil is best moisture

Baby oil is used for applying to babies. 

Children's body gets moisture from this oil and the skin also becomes shiny. But let us tell you that baby oil is not only beneficial for children but it is also very beneficial for elders. 

Just as you feel safe to apply baby oil on your baby's body, in the same way this oil proves to be very beneficial for your beauty as well. 

Mix half a teaspoon of sugar and 5 drops of lemon juice in 1-a spoonful of baby oil. 

Mix all this well and rub it on your lips like a scrub. 

By doing this the lips will remain soft and the blackness of the lips will go away.



Baby oil is very effective in removing stress marks. 

By massaging on the stress marks regularly, they start getting removed gradually.



3- You can also use baby oil to remove makeup. 

Dip a cotton ball in baby oil and clean your face.



4- By applying baby oil on the face, the skin becomes absolutely soft. 

Apart from this, the dryness of the face also ends.



5- Mix half a cup of baby oil in the bath water. 

Now take a bath with this water. 

By doing this you will feel fresh and relaxed throughout the day.

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