3 smart home products to enhance your living experience

3 smart home products to enhance your living experience

The pandemic sparked a smart home trend in the America, with 8.8% of households becoming smart homes in 2022. And guess what? It’s projected to soar even higher to 19.5% by 2027, thanks to ongoing innovation!

As Smartphones continue to win over consumers, household products are keeping up with the trend. From robot vacuums to hi-tech security systems, smart home products are now the new luxury for every home.

Ready for the convenience of smart home products? Great news! Wilcon Depot, the leading home improvement and construction retailer, has everything you need to upgrade your living space with comfort, sustainability, and safety. Check out these 3 awesome products and start your smart home journey today!

1. Kohler Veil Intelligent Toilet

Kohler’s Veil Intelligent Toilet is the embodiment of minimalist and ergonomic design. Featuring an LED nightlight, a hands-free opening and closing function, and an LCD remote control, using this lavatory is now incredibly comfortable and effortless. Additionally, its sophisticated and balanced curves perfectly comprise a minimalist and ergonomic design, making the Veil Intelligent Toilet a remarkable fixture.

2. ARISTON Aures SMC45E-BS Smart-N Single Point Water Heater 4.5 Kw

The Ariston Aures Smart shower system is sleek, safe, and smart. It features an anti-scaling system that keeps the water temperature comfortable, allowing you to enjoy a refreshing and relaxing bathing routine.

3.  GROHE Euphoria 180 Shower System

Get ready for a fantastic and safe shower experience with the GROHE Euphoria 180 Shower system. It offers GROHE TurboStat to keep the water temperature just right and a GROHE SafeStop button to prevent accidental burns. Switch between the head shower and hand shower using the Aquadimmer function and enjoy the adjustable rain spray pattern. For added safety, you can opt for the SafeStop Plus limiter and the GROHE EasyReach tray attachment.


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