Www.Catawiki.com( Art to discover 2022) Artist : Andre pace

Suddenly this fall 2022

Featured Artist www.Catawiki.com( Art to discover ) Artist & Designer: Andre pace works presented in fascinating appearance his works echoed in interest the way art is crafted , and viewed the piece in this showing seemed to have been made , framed,  or even hung in precisely the same of his original works .. The pieces flattered with bright colors, yellows, and smooth blacks, spattered greens ,the closet star appearance to have seen on appearance,  while the Artist is a friend to the art showing scene , The reflected theme of this work is Subject a women, art in gallery reflection pixelated patterns , that dissolve into a throbbing like for art / Art lover & Collectors , guest. Sampling the latest nonvideo works ( Mix media & contemporary works ), an intricate wall relief nade of taste and delicately model series.. complement to the arts and artist more imagination and skill within this body of works.. 

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