Why is Breakfast important?

Why is breakfast important?

A healthy but also filling breakfast is a goal that we all aim for, but unfortunately, we are not always attentive to each food item. Below we explain what to eat for breakfast and what not to eat in the morning, to have energy, but also to maintain your stomach health.

Among the recommendations are also foods that you would not consider forbidden in the morning? If you've wondered what to eat for breakfast to function at full capacity all day, you should know that apples, potatoes, tomatoes, dark chocolate and oranges are among the most recommended foods. Below you will find ideas for breakfast that you can prepare immediately.

 There are also ideas for a breakfast that helps you lose weight, ideas for fasting breakfast and healthy snacks. They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. In order for your day to start in the right, healthy way, breakfast must be served within the first sixty minutes of waking up.

For those who say they can't eat that early, the answer is simple: drink a glass of water when you wake up. This should, in fact, be the first thing each of us does, whether we eat or not. A glass of water in the morning, before coffee, food or anything else, starts your metabolism.

It clears your mind, hydrates your vital organs, helps you eliminate toxins collected in the body and even lose weight. Eating breakfast in the morning helps the body receive the necessary nutrients to start the day with energy and good mood. 

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