What will you do in this situation?

What will you do in this situation?

         So many days ago I was working on a project for more than a year that project can earn me that much that can make me work free I don't have work but if I didn't complete it on time I wanted to pay for it. 

I work a lot for a year I worked day and night but that was a very prestigious project so done the quality work on a half year is remaining only 6 month, my mindset was that I may complete this project one month before so I became relaxed for a month. 

That relaxation was very expensive for me. I worked hard and completed the project but the biggest mistake of my life I done on submitting of 3 months before by mistakenly I deleted that project and there was no backup so I lost all my hopes

But after some days I decided to complete this project in three months I worked a lot means I was sleeping only for four hours and I completed the project and submitted successfully. 

This incident tell you, that if you done the work in on time then secure the work or you have to pay for it and it is very big amount you have to pay. 

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