What has happened to the American Video Game Market ?

What has happened to the  American Video Game Market ?

The success rates for digital games have been so great that a good portion of the market has been focused on traditional game publishers and publishers that were willing to invest big in the game business.


With the resurgence of indie game publishing, the game industry has grown dramatically again, and with it the potential for game designers and publishers to profit greatly financially from game development. For developers to break even on the digital game scene, and to generate enough money to offset any tax obligations associated with publishing the games, must be a tough business proposition to accomplish. However, if that is not possible, the biggest obstacle to breaking even would be the lack of funds for the next generation of games. While it would make sense to continue to develop the next generation of title mechanics in games for the foreseeable future, it is an impossibility not to have a big enough budget each year.


It would also be prudent to get creative to develop the next generation of games that will be able to compete with what traditional publishers are developing. This has led to the first step (re)inventing indie game publishing in the last few years


While I would like to commend this opportunity for developing titles we can already play on the scene, it fails to build a business model that will meet our needs


As I mentioned earlier, independent games have become so successful that a good portion of the market has been focused on traditional game publishers, Unless  the publishers are willing to

do so for the better.


The video game market is in a state of decline with the prevalence of new technologies and in the shift of popularity towards mobile .

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