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 In this new song, she talks about being strong even when you are weak inside or have a broken heart. The track is written by Sia and Christopher Braide. The song will be included in Sia’s upcoming seventh studio album titled “This Is Acting”. This album will include tracks that Sia wrote for other artists and were rejected for one reason or the other. The album will be out on January 29.

Lirik Lagu Unstoppable – Sia

Sia's song Unstoppable's message is that negative emotions can be overcome, regardless of the circumstances.Throughout the song, Sia tries to make her look confident by wearing "armor" and "sunglasses".

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However, she feels that despite her best efforts, she can never boost her self-confidence and eliminate her insecurities. This false display of confidence has become her routine and she never sees anything different because she never does anything different.

why i chose this
why i chose this song
I chose this song because I thought it was powerful and about confidence. After looking closely at the lyrics, I realized that this song has a story. Sia looks confident. She had to listen to her carefully, otherwise no one would have noticed.

Sia shares new song 'Unstoppable' | News | DIY Magazine

Sia created the lyrics with two aspects in mind that complement the song's story. This is her one of many examples where music exhibits poetic excellence.

The song is a poem because it effectively uses literary means and metaphorical language to tell the story. At first listen, the accented chorus lyrics give listeners confidence, but when you look beyond the surface of the song, you realize something is happening that you didn't notice before.

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In this song, Sia tells the story of someone who hides under her "armor" and pretends to be confident to hide her insecurities. It shows both sides.

"I win all games."
Sia included the lyric "I win all my games" on her eleventh line of the song. At first glance, this is an exaggeration that adds to her confident chorus by giving the impression that Shea is the winner.

On the other hand, no one player can win all games. When she wrote this text, she created a metaphor that life is a game. If she wins all her games, she must be cheating. In this situation, Sia can do this by lying to the "player" about what's really going on, or hiding her feelings. I'm here. One is obvious, the other needs further investigation.

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"I win all games."
"I can't stop today."
Another of her literary twists that Sia brings to the song is the repetition of the phrase "I'm unstoppable today" that she sings at the end of each chorus. Shia who repeats those words is full of confidence.

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