Till the flower's bloom

Hey listen!!


Can you here me,


Yes you so can you?


I know it's very difficult,


Yet I want you to keep me in your heart, without missing me and with no tears...


And consider it as my last wish.


Honey please smile and Tell me about your day.


Ain't it sound weird?


Grave gonna talk to you?


So let me tell you, I'm happy here not that much because you're not here with me but trust me

I'm fine....


So to be honest, I haven't been able to leave the world, do you know why because I'm in your heart..


Yes that muscular organ which used to beat for me,


So take care of yourself.


I'm you and you are me..


And you still remember my wishlist.


You did completed it huh!!


Whenever someone visit my grave,I want to welcome them with a shower of cherry blossoms


Please I still love you,


Please wait for me..


Till the Flowers bloom......


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