The impact of coronavirus on the nation as whole

The coronavirus epidemic was the biggest threat to the world. What was the impact of coronavirus on society, economy and personal lives of people? Well, it drastically affected the lives of people. As a social impact people started to physically remain away from each other, masks were inroduced ad shutting down of offices, schools, restaurents, and other places of social gathering happened. It equally affected the economy as well. The production rate decreased. Transportation services stopped working.It created a fear in the mids of people. During coronavirus epidemic people were fearing to go outside their homes. Handshaking stopped.Sneezing became an offence. But who is responsible for this situation? A virus originated in china spreaded all over the world, killing millions of people. Some people said it was the bioweapon use, others said it came from bats. But the virus was infectious and new to human race. That is why it was so effective in making people diseased. A lot of problem occured due to travelling of people across nations and the underestimation of the epidemic. Goverments of some nations were fearing to apply lockdown because of economic loss. But such countries later paid in the form of human life loss. Can we blame some scientists probably involved in the development of coronavirus or people of china for eating bat soup. Well, we cannot blame them. The tragedy happened. and people were not even aware of the threat. But what can we do now? we can do many things to prevent humanity from such epidemic. Illegal researches can be banned and proper monitering of research should be done, to prevent devolopment of such virus. Vaccines should be prepared in advance for many virus. Quick actions should be taken by government and people in case of such epidemics. I think coronavirus destroyed the nation but because of some wise decisions like lockdown, lives of many people were saved. Afterall, economy can be comprimised but human life can't be. Corona virus warn us to be prepared for such dangers in future.

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