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Levi Perry is a talented award-winning singer, songwriter and music producer from Camberley, England who is extremely hard working, focused and determined to have her music heard. 

What is very impressive is her skill at not only releasing excellent lyrical albums, but also by releasing variations of her albums and songs in instrumental formats.


Her album The Power of Music released in 2019 is made up of twelve powerful and personal songs including Missing You LatelyWind Out My SalesNever Felt Like This Before and demonstrates her talent as a musician and songwriter.


Following the success of these releases Levi Perry went straight back into the studio with producer John Campos from New York to release her next 13 song album Warrior.  This album strongly represents the characteristics of Levi as many of the songs are deeply personal relating to battling a recovery from an illness which she highlights in her song Floxed Cipro. Along with the titles song WarriorI'm Gonna Rise and Covid Corona Levi shows her strength in perseverance and her ability to take on relevant topics in her music.

During 2020 Levi also released her award winning song 2020/21 New World New Day Which touched on the topic of the impact of the Covi pandemic in the and it's impact on the year. 


During 2021 Levi Perry worked again with John Campos and in her style released versions of her new hit song I Miss You which is an emotional song dedicated to those who have lost their lives during the pandemic which include the instrumental version I Miss You Instrumental .


Be sure to visit, listen to, like and follow Levi Perry on your favourite music provider and follow her journey as well as visiting and subscribing to her YouTube page where you can see her music videos.

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