Sardar Movie Review very fabulous and interesting moving.

P.S. Mitran's Sardar movie hits our screens today and lives up to all expectations and hype. Spy thrillers are something fans can't miss in cinemas. Known for his great acting, Karty has once again proven that he is a great actor. Click here for the evaluation.


Birth of Sardar? Labeled a traitor, Bose (Karti) spent 32 years in a Bangladesh prison. He's actually a spy and his codename is Sardar. Sardar Singh tried to stop a crime 30 years before him, which made him a traitor to this country, but unfortunately, an Indian official Rathod (Chunky Panday) tricked his Sardar into committing a crime. couldn't stop. Rathod wants to make deals with China and sell water to people who don't actually need to buy it. Because water is ours as part of nature. Water is everyone's right to live. Vijay (again Karthi) is Sardar's son. Vijay has been labeled a traitor's son all his life, which he hates.Unprecedented circumstances lead Vijay to obtain a file from Sardar and learn the truth about his father.

A code red was issued. It's time for Sardar to break out of prison and return to his mission. Will Vijay finally meet his father? you have to see it on screen.


Great performance and story

Carty perfectly executed every scene in this movie. He plays his two roles, and it's a visual treat to watch him play those particular roles. He played really well as Sardar and as Vijay. Raashi plays Vijay's lover, Khanna (Shalini) and Rajisha plays Sardar's wife.The two leading ladies did a decent job. Chunky Pandey was the right choice for her Rathod. All the actors did a great job in this spy-him thriller.


PS Mithran was doing Abhimanyu and Shakti. Both films did well at the box office and Sardar scored a hat-trick hit. The story of a crime committed by an Indian official being covered up and a spy being called a traitor was very well illustrated. The script and story will blow you away. Credit for the hit goes to both Mithran and Carty.Mithran is known for creating trailers that are close to sci-fi concepts. Once again he has made a movie that will win the hearts and minds of audiences.


Take all possible measures

Discuss the production values ​​of the film. Creators go to great lengths when it comes to finding the perfect locations, actors, costumes, and everything else for their movies. GV Prakash's background music and music is an asset to the film as it enhances the scenes.

Dialogue is well written. It used to be a spy, but espionage in particular is something we can all relate to throughout the movie, and it really does appreciate the Patriots.All in all, Sardar is definitely a hit this festive season and one that audiences will want to see on the big screen.

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