Preview Pro's Art Auction 2021

Preview Pro's:: Featured Artist: Andre Pace 

Works of contemporary art & mix Media design works showing in virtual Art Auction 2021/ Orginal concepts of today's artist styles and patterns within his concepts.. An exciting engaging marvelous candid view of Contemporary Art & mix Media design works.. If anyone even faintly curious about art this is a must ....we invite you to enjoy the exceptional Art paired with favorite salad grilled fish and light meat.. We seek to honor the rich heritage of Artist styles and patterns Selected carefully for their quality and authentication.. -Our- contemporary is loaded with flavor of Yellows, oranges, and Taste as a citrus fruit creating belanced and distinctive Art...For Secondary Art market dealers The artist is coming up .. his work emphasize more on taste , knowledge , judgment, consider consideration such as condition.. , authentication and title ...A recent series of public talk inquires if the artist will creat NFT's.. within his collection...also brief ideas of Three dimensional objects ( Artist sculpture ).. A a not the artist style is playing with traditional and gender bending scenarios.. New Media Avant Grade... the artist works deeply personal explored a particular repertoire of themes .. which can appear continuously in his works .. regardless of what medium he selected.. The artist works A -one -of-A-kind -design pieces.. They can sell up to 5000.00 According to the designer galleries...The Artist In/ Sight spot trends or single out specific talent's... Fluently about the politics apartheid and post-apartheid eras / Art works ... Profusely .. The works in the his years art event/ Auction setting.. systematic intericate compositions .. Top of your list book deserving...




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