Overcoming Sadness


Sadness is like a river 

Capturing anyone in its path 

Its water runs deep and cold 

And the waves crash with no aftermath


It pulls you under and drags you down 

To depths you never knew were there 

You struggle and fight to keep afloat

But the current is too strong to bear 


You see the world through a blurry lens 

As tears blur your vision and sight 

And though you try to shake it off 

The weight of it just won't take flight


But like a river, sadness can change 

Its currents will shift and turn 

The sun will be bright and bring a new light 

And your heart will slowly learn 


To find the beauty in the ebb and flow 

And the peace that comes with the tide 

To embrace the joy that's yet to come 

And let the sadness subside

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