No one knows

No one knows the pain you hide

Dark in the night it awakes torment your soul

Demanding that one sacrifice, that one piece of you, you have left

The tears behind your eyes, tears you shed,

Hoping they'll wash away the heaviness in your chest,

No one hears the pain you harbour,

in the last chamber of your heart that extends to your soul

Guilt conceives in you as your happiness is barren

Death builds in you just because your smiles ain't chosen

No one sees the scars you bore

for they'll just taunt out, call you a coward, a disgrace to manhood,

the yells, the names, the fowl words they'll call you, 

hiding behind your spine

No one feels the cuts on your body,

the inflicted pain that cuts you through,to your brain

A blind mind filled with suicidal thoughts

No one wonders why you're a loner, why you hide from all eyes

Your soul is torn as so as your heart, your breathing is laboured,

sometimes you wish death os near

No one sees, no one knows.......



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