NETRIKANN movie review for fabulous performance of Lady Super Star Nayantara.

Netrican means "third eye". The film is an adaptation of the Korean film Blind, which has been released in multiple versions worldwide. By the way, Sonam Kapoor is doing the Hindi version. So what does Nayanthara add to this already told story with Milind Rau? Feelings!

Nayanthara & Vignesh Shivan's photos from Netrikann director Milind Rau's  birthday bash go viral; Take a look | PINKVILLA

By this point, Lau knows the ingredients to create the perfect masala movie for her audience, and how to dress her up in a female superstar to save a man. Already dubbed Lady Superstar, the star of Nayanthara status can only do justice to the part that is transforming the dynamics of an entire industry and nation that has worshiped on-screen masculinity. , but also brave. She doesn't need a man to save her, but she saves over and over.Go Team! i agree


Milind Rau wrote her Netrikann as his ode to her Lady Superstar, equipping her character with the best layers. She is an orphan who feels responsible for her brother's death. Additionally, she is currently blind and she is unable to work for CBI. He creates a blank canvas to paint a new story and begins the dark phase of the film.

Netrikkan Review - A Thriller Disaster Even Nayanthara Cannot Save

Enter James (Ajmal Amer), a pervert with some weird quirks. Durga's mission is to defeat him and save the kidnapped girls. The villain is written too monotonously, and all he gets is to sexualize every woman he can, but he gets nothing more. Humor is part of that, of course. . It's fun to watch when Durga pretends to see it.


But the film falls into a predictable nature. We know the villain is a pervert, and circumstances doubled his monster. The maker gives predictable flashbacks that kill the essence.Do not spoon the bait at this point. Also, why isn't anyone there when a pretty well-choreographed car chase is happening? It's both a city and a pre-COVID era. where are the people.

As the blind Durga, a leading lady who uses her keen wit to save her brother Gautam from a serial killer might be easy for a writer to imagine, but for the producer and team, it's what made the day. Saving movies deserve attention. Nayanthara is here to prove her power as a banking star. she does it well.


Her act of blindness seems a bit jarring at first, but so does Nayantara as the film progresses, also notable for her deftly playing a blind girl who plays blind.


Ajmal Ameer got to play the pervert and he looks like that (compliment). But if the same thing has to be repeated 10 times, the same thing is repeated. But Ajmal manages to create the much-needed eerie atmosphere.


Manikandan, who plays Manikandan, is an instantly likable character and this film deserves him.But his arc from mocked officer to most respected officer deserves more meat.

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