Episode 3.


As the saying goes; An idle mind is the devil's workshop. We can't live without others, we live for them.


I felt bored at home, even when I go to the Church daily, and see some of my friends. I am that kind of person that love staying around people that I love, even as at that, I still like having the time of my own.


The best time is at night. I don't really know why night time suits me. It is during this period, I read books, work on projects, write my poems, articles/Essays, Scripts and others. I enjoy doing these things. 


Early morning hours is also a good time for me, but I have decided to dedicate that period to the Church. So whenever, I am free in the morning, I also use it, to do the things that I love.


Writing has been one of the things, that I love doing, and I can go to any length for writing. Even till the extent of learning Copywriting.


At first, when I had about Copywriting from a friend, he told me that Copywriting is about rewriting someone's article or write up in a different way without the use of plagiarism.


But, when I started learning Copywriting from the Master themselves, I was able to know the true definition of Copywriting. It was then, that I realized that my friend has lied to me.


Copywriting is a very lucrative business, its all about writing Offers for people's businesses. You see, just in one sentence, I was able to explain the meaning of Copywriting.


It was after the class that, I was able to understand, that one who doesn't have the knowledge of an idea, can be mislead.


If you do not understand my definition of Copywriting, then you can go online to look for its' simpler terms. Remember, each field, has its own technical language.


Everyday, I keep on learning and improving in my  writing course, either as a Poet, a Spoken Word Artist, a Dramatist, a Script Writer, a Novelist or as a Critic. And to add to the list; a Copywriter.


This have been amazing. Whenever I am with my friends, we always discuss about Books, Church, most occasions, Women. But whenever we discuss women, we do not go into dirt talks, but as time went on, our discussion changes to a different direction.


 This has been one of the reasons, most people avoid me, they always said that, I am too churchy, and boring. That it is always Church, and books i discuss. All these, has made me to have a very few friends, and I am happy with that. Because having too many friends is not having friends.


Nevertheless, it is during trying moments, that you can know those, who are your friends. Friends stick together, no matter the course.


Surprising to say this, despite most people criticizing my point of view, others still value my ideas, and would want to be around me. Even as that, i don't accept them too quickly.


Always remember one thing, don't allow your friends choose you, choose them instead, because most of them may have an interior motive for coming. Some may be there to make or destroy you, always choose wisely.


I am telling the truth, because I am writing from experience. Never you allow a friend to change you by force. Instead allow the change to happen on its own.


If you love me for who I am, I will love you too, and I always separate a lover from a friend. To surprise you, up till now, I don't have a girlfriend or a lover. But I have many female friends.


I know, you might be wondering why, but that's just the truth. I am twenty-four at the moment, yet none.


One of the reasons, I haven't gotten one, after my former girlfriend left me, is because I am still trying to get over it. She left me not I, don't be surprised to read this, she left me.


The reason is left, was the same thing, some people complain about, even as that, I am still good to go.


Although, we still give thanks to God.





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