Can you imagine life without memories. Everything could be new and useless upon the face of everyone . The fact is that we live in the courtesy of memories. We can walk just because of the impulse coordination based of the past experience,we date our past,present life and future just because of memories.Excitingly enough,it is through the courtesy of memories that we qualify to categorise our friends. That way we have true friends,the ones worth trusting and sharing secretive information with.

Memories exist in two forms;bad memories and good memories. Philosophy has it that bad memories are more durable in our minds than good memories. A friend indeed who has travelled  several miles and escaped with the fellow  several challenges can be dropped just because  of a mistake.The bad memory robes the mind to the extent of forgetting the silvery part of the spoon.

Good memories are rare in the colony of human being but common in the colony of animals. The good memories grow brotherhood,togetherness and unity of coexistence. We recognise the better of someone and sware never to disappoint him or her.That way we grow togetherness and harmony. When harmony prevails,the spirit of hardwork develops and new things are innovated in the interest of both present and future generations. 

It is a bother that currently we grow  in generation of bad memories. Relatives harbour grudges against one another due to small solvable difference bore of bad memories. But imagine of the fruit that comes along with good memories!

Suffice it to say no man is an island.To grow both in mind and physically based on society progress,it's imperative to admit good memories and decline bad ones.


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