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Do you ever struggle with ptsd,anxiety or deppression?I do,and some days can be real struggles.If you do not understand what ptsd is ,it can mean many things.Meaing,nightmares or unwanted thought,s and memories of whatever traumatic thing you went threw.This can cause tons of anxiety and depression.It can cause you to feel so unwanted and alone.From my experience it was and is a terrible feeling.You feel so many feelings and emotions.Sometimes you spend your whole life blaming your self for something you cannot control.My traumatic experience happend when i was a pre-teen so still having the mind of a child i didnt know how to feel or handle my situation.I didnt have friends or family i felt like i could talk to or have a shoulder to cry on.My goal is to help others and possible share advice and be a friend for others experiencing the same things or similar.Sometimes we just need to vent and have someone listen to us.You have no idea how just being there can change someones life.

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