It's Not About Salary! 6 Golden Rules for Anyone to Become a Millionaire

According to millionaire and best-selling author Philip J .Muller, the reason you're not getting rich is your own idea of what it mean to be rich.

In his book Geldrichtig (German for "right money"),Muller argues that anyone can become a millionaire if they learn to think like a rich man.

Viewers are taught that the stereotypical "rich" in movies and TV shows are people who spend a lot of money and their success is based on luck and fame, According to Muller, the reality is different.

To become a true millionaire is to develop a conscious consumer mentality. Think about whether the item you are buying is what you really want, and if you need it, what else is cheaper? Saving money ,avoiding debt,and curbing your impluses -these are just a few of the steps you need to take to develop the mindset of becoming really rich.

Muller shared the secret to getting rich on GQ Germany.

1. Fundamentals are savings.

Muller recommends getting into the habit of saving right way and using it wherever you go. It's like wondering if you want to buy the fifth pair of sneakers now. You feel like you're suddenly going to need them,but you often only wear them once ," he said .It's a conflict between short-term gratification and long term gratification ,First ,you probably have a hard time understanding that you can always save money. Muller , for example is adamantly opposed to eating out. "A lot of people don't realise how much they can save by bringing lunches and drinks to work",he said. A cup of coffee at a store costs about $3 while brewing coffee at home cost about 30 cents,Muller said. We need to adopt these ideas step by step. There are many ways to save money in everyday life. For example ,it would be a good idea to review the monthly fees of Spotify and Netflix.

2. Never go into Dept under any circumstances 

Contrsry to saving money, under no circumstances should go inti debt? Don't buy it if you can't afford it. This is a simple rule that helps prevent impulse purchases."I want a smartphone but can't afford it? then don't buy it",Muller said.We often go into debt when we are addicted to the temporary pleasures of shopping. "if you put a note in your wallet asking,"Do you really need that?"you will ask yourself that question over time. 

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