Talk to almost any advertising agency,or fortune 500 company exec about advertising and promotion,and you will almost certainly here the buzz words 'fragmented advertising'and 'consumer -centric campaignes' and long discussions about the many pitfalls and difficulties of creating effective advertsiing campaingns today.What is fragmentation exactly?it's the increase in the number of available methods for getting your message to your audience.One of the main difficulties faced by any enterpreneur is that advertising has changed and evolved over the last few years

It now includes visual ,audio and elctronic media.In fact ,if you do a google search for advertising,you may feel over welmed by all the options available to you now-if you just look at the options for your Website you'll find popups,popovers,audio messages flash video,RSS,even animated "sales people"that can be programmed to appear right on your website and intract with your customers.And that's just the tip of the ice berg! So is traditional advertisng which includes bill boards,radio, television, news paper, and magzine-dead?Not b a long short.According to one top advertising mogul, traditional advertising methods are still around because they still work.

The trick is to figure out who your target market is,what they want,and how they look for the information.Mark Twain said,"Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising".If you know customers you can spend advertising dollars on the mediums they use to look for answers.If your customers are senior citizens who are not online,then focus the majority of your advertising dollars on the newspapers magzines, television,or listining to.If your target market is working parents,you need to know how,when,and where they get thier information.

Is it on the internet?what radio stations do they listen to?What magzines they reading?Do they watch television?When? Why?so wht your best options for creating an effective  advertising campaign?Here are some simple steps

1.Know your audience.what do they want?Where do they shop?What do they read?How old are they?Where do they hangout?Do they need your product or services?Can they afford your product or services?

2.Know your competition.Be prepared to do a little detatctive work.What are your three main competetors doing to advertise?Where are they advertising?How often?What type of advertising methods are they using?How long have they been running?Are you reaching the same audience?Is your message different?Look at what they're doing rightand figure out creative ways that you can make advertising just a littlle bit better,or differtiate yourself from the crowd.

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