Friendship is friendship

After a leap year, friends have proved that they are always with us.  Choose Friendship Day 2022 to appreciate the connections you have in life, or to reach out to old friends and rekindle that bond.This holiday falls on the first Sunday without Friendship Day - August 7,2022 and celebrates the importance of loving, unconditional relationships as a form of human relationships.  For more than a century, we have celebrated the power of friendship and thanks to social media we are able to continue celebrating with our friends wherever they are in the world #NationalFriendshipDay History Humans are the most social creatures on earth: we need to relate to others as Abraham Moskow revealed in his Hierarchy of Human Needs.  Our social needs motivate our behavior, to make interpersonal and deep relationships with others

Encourages to connect on a level.  With such a great need for verbal connection with people other than our significant others, it is not surprising that Seha's importance is based on celebration.  National Friendship Day was originally a marketing strategy for Hallmark cards in the 1930s.  Founder Joy Hall designated the day as August 2nd and decided it would be a day for people close to you to celebrate—and send a card or two in the process.When Congress in 1935 declared the first Sunday as National Friendship Day, it became a bigger deal than originally planned.The holiday continued to grow in popularity, and in 1998  The United Nations named Ennidhi Poove as the World Ambassador for Friendship.  In 2011, at its 65th session, 1.O designated July 30 as International Friendship Day.

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