Fat burning body wrap



Fat Burning Body Wraps:


To burn belly fat fast, make these 5 types of body wraps at home, know how


Perhaps you do not have any special knowledge about body wrap. 


But not only will it tone your skin, but its use will also reduce weight.




If you want to reduce your weight, then this time try using body wrap because it is very much in trend these days. 


This is a way to burn fat. 


Using which you can easily reduce the fat or gluttony around your stomach or waist. 


For this you do not need any expensive treatment or go to any spa or parlor, you can prepare it at home also. 


This wrap makes you lose weight by reducing cellulite and toxins from your body in no time. 


Not only will you lose weight, but using them will also make your skin glow. 


Basically, body wrap is a linen or plastic sheet or a thick blanket-like cloth. 


Which is wrapped around your fat area for some time. 


During this, your extra fat burns due to excessive sweating. 


You just need to know how to make it properly. 


So know 5 ways to make body wrap.


1. how to make body wrap with coconut oil




take two spoons of coconut oil, one spoon of powdered sugar and one to two drops of lemon essential oil in a vesse




mix all the ingredients togethe




take the scrub on two fingers and apply on the body with light pressur




now massage in circular motio




keep doing this for 7 to 10 minute




after this, remove the scrub from your body with the help of a soft and wet clot




now apply one layer again and wrap a plastic bag over i




leave it for an hour and remove it later 


2. how to make a body wrap with aloe vera gel




take two spoons of clay and mix one spoon of aloe vera gel, one spoon of epsom salt, two to three spoons of lavender essential oil, one spoon of honey and two spoons of rose wate




now apply this scrub from where you want to lose weigh




now wrap this part with a plastic bag


this can be a bit difficult so do it 


3. Grape Fruit Essential Oil Body Wrap




Take a cup of white clay, take half a cup of applied cider vinegar, take three spoons of neem powder, take two spoons of grape fruit essential oil and mix all of them well in a vessel.




Now take a thin layer of this mask and apply it on your fat areas.




Now take a plastic and tie it on top of this mask.




Wait for an hour and then remove the plastic.




4. Strawberry Body Wrap


Take 10 strawberries and 10 grapes, take half a cup of papaya and mash all three things.




Now add lemon essential oil 


Then apply this mixture on the affected part


After applying the mixture, take a plastic and wrap this part with plasti


Leave it like this for an hour and rela


Then take the plastic off and watch the magic happen in no tim


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5. Skin Tightening Body W


This recipe is for a skin tightening wrap


For this, you have to take one cup of white clay, half a cup of gram flour, two spoons of curd, half a cup of water and three drops of orange essential oi




Make a mixture by mixing all these things togethe




Now apply it on your body and wrap plastic over i




Leave it for an hou




Unwrap the plastic after an hou




Some important things to keep in mind before body wr




There is excessive sweating during body rape


So drink a good amount of water before the therapy and keep yourself hydrated.


Use good and organic ingredients so that you get the desired results.




Before using the body wrap, take a shower and exfoliate with a homemade scrub.




If you are not using body wrap for a particular day and really want to lose weight, then follow this method twice a week.




You can get the body wrap results in no time. 


Take a shower before using it. 


Do not try this treatment more than twice a week. 


Otherwise, your body may suffer a lot.







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