Excellence Is Not A Skill, It's An Attitude!

Excellence Is Not A Skill﹐It's An Attitude!

         Quoted  Ralph Marston

It involves trying to put quality into everything that is done and this attitude tends to separate the achievers, who make rapid strides in their careers                       from others. Read more about it!                                       


When you set out to do the best you can, to give your buyers the best-possible experience, provide incredible value it’s your attitude that makes these special moments happen. Special moments make us want to experience that againto return to the cafe or store-front. This is where listening to our clients is very crucial.

Yes, skills training is really critical. We expect to ensure our crew is so adequately educated they’re the envy of our foes. Although, attitude is still more important. Wouldn’t you rather deal with a person that has a great attitude and really tries to understand what you need, than an ‘expert’ who acts dreadful? We need to constantly recall that a single transaction is a very tiny part of the value of a customer. Paying attention to their ‘lifetime value’ is how industries prosper. If we provide them an incredible experience every time, they’ll keep coming back.

Not to mention, on those (🙏) rare occasions when we don’t get it right, we need to go out of our way fix it. Often our strongest advocates are those where we’ve fixed a problem for ~ and this is what excellence is about – attitude, rather than just skill.

In conclusion, suggesting that excellence is a skill is like putting the cart before the horse. We  develop an attitude of excellence and the skill follows. Even if we practice and develop a skill, if we have a bad attitude towards it, excellence can’t be reached. There are few things that attitude won’t effect. Having a attitude of excellence changes our entire trajectory in life. When we allow ourselves to filter our life through excellence, the world takes on a different flavor. 

“We don’t get a chance to do that many things, and every one should be really excellent. Because this is our life. Life is brief, and then you die, you know? So this is what we’ve chosen to do with our life.”                                                     Quoted  -  Steve Jobs

Excellence is therefore a mindset, here are some of the attributes that can help you achieve Excellence!

  • Use initiative to act on opportunities. Become a leader before other people view you as one. Healthy organisations reward those who take the lead, not just those with formal management roles.
  • Take responsibility for own objectives: set priorities.
  • Display a “can do” attitude even in demanding situations.. Try to solve problems, rather than to pass them on to other people. First answer is ‘yes, I’ll make it happen’ .
  • “Go the extra mile” when asked to do tasks. Go beyond your job description. Do work that gets you noticed.
  • Show enthusiasm: this will be noticed and you will eventually be rewarded.
  • Take ownership of problems: anticipate potential problems, take pre-emptive action and act quickly to resolve problems.
  • Introduce improvements to the way things are done. Develop innovative practices. Value innovative thinking.

Resilience involves reacting positively to negative outcomes. Learning to cope with adversity makes you stronger: and helps in teaching us how to bounce back. The most successful people are often those who have had the most failures: they are more adventurous and learn from their mistakes. If you have never had a failure, you have never taken a risk. Failures should be thought of as opportunities for learning: you learn far more from your failures than from your successes and remember always keep a good attitude! 



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