Eugenics:The Serpents Head

  •   Eugenics:The Serpents Head
  • The Democrat, Woodrow Wilson, was a believer in Eugenics, Probably the most racist man ever to sit in the Oval Office in the 20th century,
  • Later the hideous philosophy was taken to insane lengths by the Nazis, with their extermination camps, for Jews disabled,Non-Aryan, & others that didn't meet the "criteria" of Nazi ideas of human perfection,
  • Darkness Rising?
  • Today sadly & alarmingly, the abominable eugenics creed has started to gather momentum among many in positions of power, mainly because of world overpopulation, Which as usual is a perfect "excuse" to cover "other" schemes!
  • Lest we forget, The beaches of Normandy, and many other places, were littered with the bodies of good men, who gave their lives, to defeat this appalling thought, The ideas being the opposite of compassion, humanity and care… 
  • The "Immoral Machine"
  • Because human tend to let time, blur the memories, Some openly advocate eugenics again, others tacitly agree with it… If we as a Global race, do not confront these people, we will cease to be called "humanity"Let us not, let the manipulation of the gullible, the ignorant, or media control, alter this fact, EUGENICS IS WRONG, IMMORAL,& anti-human, Oppose it by all means, Do not be fooled by semantics, sweet words, or plausible politicians, Its plain WRONG!
  • Origins:
  •  The origins thought & concept of "Eugenics" start all the way back, with Charles Darwin & his Origin Of Species, & Natural Selection, ("Survival of the fittest etc) The embryo idea was expanded upon by the British Explorer & Naturalist Francis Galton A cousin of Darwin, In the nineteenth century Quote:"The more suitable races or strains of blood a better chance of prevailing speedily over the less suitable.” Unquote… Eugenics for the eradication of disease can be a noble idea, Certain peoples have diseases that are inherited so research could have the potential to cure it…HOWEVER...
  • Ethics
  • The potential to use eugenics to develop master races, cyborg armies, in short, as Churchill called it "Perverted Science" is HUGE…almost limitless… This is why so many people oppose it… Its quite terrifying… Quote one "Modern" Eugenicist…"selective breeding, and human enhancement through the use of genetic technologies," Sound familiar?.. Today it's disguised by the semantic Liberal words "Pluralism" It cannot be stressed well enough, whete do we "Draw the line" This Liberal Ethic word "Pluralism, covers a vast wide area, one of which is Eugenics… Scientists take a cold, even immoral approach to their work,
  • they are dispassionate about what they do,
  •  But in losing sight, lost in the research, blinded to anything else… Remember Frankenstein? Lost in his work… He created a "Monster" Ethics were lost in the research… In plain-spoken language I will try to show in this paragraph, WHY this is so terribly dangerous.
  • China is currently along the world leaders in Eugenics… But here is where it becomes scary…
  • Designer Babies? I don't like this one, lets get rid of it & have one with Auburn hair & green eyes…
  • Euthanasia
  • : In the "mores of Eugenics, Old people are unproductive
  • a burden to family & state so "Suicide or induced suicide is practical & saves money…
  • Disease
  • Infect your enemy with eugenically modified germs & viruses you know will destroy their military, kill their population, Then send in our super genetically modified Cyborg Army, to finish them off!
  • The worst danger of all, is that these people under pay from some rich power or conglomerated company will for the money, create two distinct races of humans… Those NOT genetically modified & those that are… A nightmare…
  • Playing God
  • The temptation to try with the very "building bricks" of life to play "God" is the worst temptation facing eugenic researcher now and in the future We have already outlined the potential "Pitfalls" Also we must also remember that in our world society, there are people with no limits morally or compassionately, in what they do, as long as they have the "funding" to do it… They would happily research away until they found something that could destroy us all…That's where "Ethics & Morality come into play. Simply put… We can't let them! No matter how much they love their Eugenic research, It needs heavy scrutiny by experts in that field, who can judge if the results can be beneficial or harmful to humanity now or in the future…
  • After World War Two
  • Eugenics, & the mere thought of it, became anathema at the end of the Second World War, for every civilized nation, As mentioned The hideous experiments in Nazi Concentration camps, not just to Jews, but to Slavs, Other races, disabled,Gay, Gypsies,really anyone who didn't fit in with the "Master Race "ideal… Were operated on, dissected,sometimes without anesthetic… To explore race & eugenic design…
  • In truth, as I observe it… Eugenics carries with it an "inherent" racism, that is deeply distasteful … The very ethos of it is race based… So I will always claim as many sensible people do… Is it worth exploring this "Highly Questionable" path??
  • Motives
  • To what end do we need Eugenics? Medical exploration so advanced in so many fields, surely should "Nullify" the need for much of the research… While I agree that if it can help cure genetic diseases in some races of people then that's wonderful… But under strict guidelines & boundaries. For those countries who would "unscrupulously
  • and secretly continue experiments & research anyhow… Then the same punishments as per "Germ & Chemical warfare," should apply, because continuation of it in secret could only mean finding a"perverted" military use for the technology.
  • Guarding our Values
  • The moral imperative, our societies over our existence has not been perfect, at times it was very imperfect… But somehow we "Muddled Through" in our own "imperfect" way to make it better… It's our. Way, not a "Eugenic, or Cybernetic way…our human way… So we may ask…why do people seek to change us? 
  • Possibly two reasons… Both money & business based… One is for prolonged Space travel.(The human body as it is, cant "handle" that") The other for much more disease resistant workers, who can work longer, for less than the current "Humans" Programmed people… Two pauses for thought…
  • Ivan

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