Do you think you can drive a big truck real fast??

My boyfriend and I just purchased our first and very own tow truck! My boyfriend has been in the industry for quite some time now and has decided to venture out on his own. We're in that part of the process people like to call "limbo" because there's so many unanswered questions filling the air. Bloop! Bloop! BLOOP! Our company could easily bloop on right by us because of all of these unanswered questions. For instance, what does the dmv mean when they say that "You need to have an office with a bay"? What is a bay? What does the bay do? What is considered to be a bay? Is the office allowed to be a home office? Does it have to be a landline or can it be a mobile device? 








Not only that but do you need special licenses to be a tow truck driver? Do you have to have a special license to only tow cars out of the state? 








We have tried calling the dmv but they didn't give us much luck. It was pretty clear the woman on the phone had no idea about what I was asking her about and that was the end of that. She did however inform us that there is a special secret society within the towing parts of the community that us normal people are not allowed to get into contact with ourselves! You have to be referred to said secret society through a referall and they should HOPEFULLY call you within 3 business days. Well those days have gone and passed. Still no contact has been made. 








My boyfriend has worked way too hard for all of this to fall apart. We really just need some answers. 








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