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Confusion in career it's a big problem, why student face confusion to choose career, lack of guidance, dependency on others' advice, parents and society pressure, we are living in that kind society where everything start from No, it means if we're going to choose anything even it is first toy the replay was always be No, it is irony for us that our society be never change, although time is running and everything is change, but The word No is not change, our career is our first 'responsibility' because without it, we cannot survive, so career choice is crucial tor everyone, some important tips for career guidance 


Set Goals : first step towards career to set a goal, if you don't know where you are going you will not reach any destination, for example think you are in railway counter, and you are asking about ticket, and you don't know where you want to go then you can't get tickets without knowing destination, and you be never reach any destination likewise you need to know first about your carer choice and set a goal to covered.


Self Assessment:

In career choice your second step is to know your choice, capability, and your expertise after setting goal, you must assess yourself that you are capable to achieve or not and if not, then ask why, and find out reason and start. self assessment is essential part of your life goal by self assessment you will know about your capabilities.


Research process :

After finding your capabilities, start research about your career choice from where you will start ?, how will you start? What kind of process you need to start?ask this equation from yourself, and start research.


Find suitable mentor :

We all know famous saying there is no knowledge without teacher, so next step towards your career find out consultant who gives you proper guidance to achieve your goal, he will suggest you steps to reach destination.


Grow your skill and knowledge :

 Most important part which is essential for career, and it's growth work on your skills and knowledge because in every field hard work is important but your skill and knowledge are more important.

We are here for delivering career guidance and skill training, hope you enjoyed article related to career guidance.






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