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The Blessed Adventures of Captain Scripture and Holy Lad is a less-than-high-class cheesy TV series. This is my review of the Christian TV show from The Last Supper Christian Media Company in 1980 on channel 7. The holiest channel of all channels!


The series is about Captain Scripture and Holy Lad, two very religious men who fight crime in Holy Bible City. They are aided by Sister Cleridin, Alice Pennington, Hannah Cortez, Chief of Police Milo Oliver, and Mayor Blake Knight in their fight against crime and sin. The main evil is The Shadow Council a group of radical left wing extremists that are the true rulers of The United States of America. They are the masterminds behind everything in the country. They are a mystery to the world and the ones from whom Captain Scripture's 39 other rogues gallery members get their orders.


The series has many laugh out loud moments with lines like, 'Jesus take the wheel!'. While Captain Scripture is always poised and in control of his emotions, Holy Lad is a highly excitable young man. Throughout their exploits, Holy Lad, or even his real identity of David Gideon will often find some event, some comment, something, completely unbelievable. On these occasions, he will exclaim, "Holy 'insert words here'!" also sometimes ending with "Captain Scripture!". His overreactions bring much comic relief throughout each episode.


Each week they encounter an evil criminal who must be stopped. Their rogue's gallery consists of Fedora Atheist, The Seven Deadly Sins Cultists, The Dungeon Master, Captain Hard Al, The Four Liberals of The White House, Dr. Abort, The Shadow Council, Colonel Father Russia, Tian'anmen Wall, The Pusher, Liberal Arts Professor, Sports Fan, Big Rich, 1% Priest, Professor Evolution, False Prophet, UFO Chaser, Hollywood Director, Royal Flush, Jihad Halal, Pimp Slap, Metal Head, Shayman Shaman, King Aristocrat, Great Pagan Lord, Dr. Peace and Love, Problem Glasses, Magic Ike, Mormon Jesus, Snitch Johnson, Zaub, Psych, Pop Culture Weasel, African Suffering Matters, Antina, Cancel Squad, Fake News, The Ancient Coven, The Arcane Order, and The Shiners.


They always have a great time fighting crime together in Holy Bible City. They are two very religious people that help their fellow Christians out when things get tough, but never forget to give God all the glory for it! Episode one of season one is called 'Beware The Pusher' it was released in 1980. The Pusher is a drug dealer who is also homeless and spends most of his time hanging around Holy Bible City's streets and drug corners. He is an older man with a beard and is described as being a tough old man with a big beard and a thick mustache. 


His eyes are described as being bloodshot as if he has been up for over 24 hours. He is always seen wearing a khaki flashers jacket. He is said to be a big man as he is over 6 feet tall and has the shoulders of a linebacker. His arms are as big as his legs. He has black skin and is described as being extremely muscular. 


He has a tattoo on his left arm that says "Pusher." His specialty is getting Christians to do drugs. He often pretends to be a nice homeless man so that he can convince Christians to buy drugs from him to convert them to being drug addicts. He is said to be a big man and strong as he is described as being able to lift cars with ease and crush construction workers. His specialty is pushing drugs to Christians and getting them to get high. He sells cocaine, heroin, marijuana, crack, LSD, acid, mushrooms, meth, and etcetera. 


Captain Scripture notices a drop off in attendance at church in this episode. So Captain Scripture decides they should investigate why people aren't attending anymore. They discover The Pusher who pushes illegal drugs onto Christians in Holy Bible City. Captain Scripture and Holy Lad confront The Pusher and things get very violent! The Pusher throws vehicles and construction workers at Captain Scripture and Holy Lad. 


The two heroes eventually defeat The Pusher. The end of episode one has a PSA from both Captain Scripture and Holy Lad telling other Christians not to allow drugs to get in between them and Jesus. My thoughts on this episode as a devout Christian is that it made me feel bad about how many times I've sinned against God by doing something wrong like smoking weed or drinking alcohol. This show makes you think twice before committing any sins because your actions have consequences that could lead up to the next life if you don’t repent for your mistakes here on earth. If more shows were created along these lines maybe our world would be better than what we see today. 


Overall I give The Blessed Adventures of Captain Scripture and Holy Lad 4.5 out of 5 stars of David. You can find all 50 seasons (1980 - 2030) online on The Holy Grail streaming service.

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