Can't = Can

I wrote this story before I was saved. And a lot of it isn't true and a lot of it is true. Let's see if you can spot the difference.


Since the beginning of time there has always been challenges. Life lessons to advance our souls to the next level. When God made the angel of light did HE know that the angel of light would become envious of humans. God banished the angel of light to earth. The angel of light became the devil. He asked other angels to follow him instead of listening to God they followed the devil. The devil is a part of the universe too it's like he represents fire. Everything has a balance. A good and a bad. But balance all the same. So the devil is trying to capture as many souls that he can get. He doesn't care for humans. He wants to see us suffer and be in agony. That's why his plan to kill all humans is so vital for our future existence. The story I'm about to tell you is very real. There is a spiritual battle going on for all living things. So God has bigger plans than what the devil has. And since all things created have to have the okay by God first. Good or bad. We should all take comfort knowing God has a divine plan for our souls. The lessons we overcome and triumph in see that our challenges can either make or break us. God is the answer to all our problems. We are so powerful. The devil is always testing us. With love we can solve anything. Love for Jesus Christ, love for ourselves, love for each other. Love for all of God's creation. You see, hear, touch, taste, smell and thoughts love. A better world. I see a future were we grow our own food. And instead of school we learn real history. How angels came down following the devil to earth they mated with females/ women and they created giants (nephilim). Giants, lizard people and aliens are all fallen angels. First was Adam and Eve and they had their challenges too. You see that's all the devil does he takes EVERYTHING in existence and does it backwards because he's the king of confusion and he always has a trick up his sleeve. And he doesn't give nothing free and that's what God is giving without expecting anything in return. That's why God gave us the choice to do what's right or wrong. God made love, devil makes lust. God gives us the earth, devil makes us slaves. The time line is a bit choppy not in order. Adam and Eve, giants, Babylon, mesopotamia, Palestine's, Egypt, Jesus Christ, Roman empire, pagan, witches, the years 4,000, 3,000, 2,000, 1,000, B.C., A.D., 500, 1,000, 1,400, 1492 Salem witch trials, renaissance. So I'm sure I missed some key points in history. God and humans cast the first curse, eating the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge. I believe HE said, " no other shall be before HIM or after HIM." That the Bible is the only testimony, we shall follow no other after the Bible. So B.I.B.L.E. = basic instructions before leaving earth. First we shall love our neighbor as we love ourselves. All I know is that all we need is faith in Jesus. The stories in the Bible are so real, so true, so riveting. It's phenomenal, that it hasn't been made into a movie yet. So the devil trying to snuff out all the light. And the light is God, once we free ourselves from the shackles then we gain something bigger than us. We're already saved by faith through grace, don't boast. Our job of why HE put us here is to love Jesus. That's it. We go to heaven if we repent and mean it. It has to be from your heart. HE said there would be false prophets. And in the Bible there is a story for every situation. We have to put at ease all our worries, give it to God have a relationship with the Father and the Son. We have a lot of healing to do. And it always starts by loving God and yourself, no one can change you, only you can change you. That goes for everyone. His creation is a unique design. We are God's creation. There are other evildoers that have their own agenda's. There are so many different agenda's. The devil wants to kill everyone. So he'll use, abuse, and confuse anyone till he's tried to get what he wants. So it's very simple you see to make the world right we have to come together. The devil tries to make everything a sin every job, goal, and inspiration. He wants humans to feel. He wants to make sure the human race doesn't exist. He's doing it by making us addicted to food, porn, gambling, drugs, alcohol, and many others. My addictions are shopping & chocolate. I know no one is perfect, no one is better than anyone else. So why the competition. Well that's just nature. But we can all be stronger in our souls with Jesus. Why do you think that's why the devil wants us all to suffer. Because he became jealous. That's why all things bad, wicked, and evil all come from him God knows what we can truly be. Jesus saves, Jesus is King. Thanks for reading. 

Bonus story about my research: okay where to begin I'll start at the beginning of where it all started out that opened this whole can of worms it started with NAMBLA the North American man boy lovers association once I learned about this I had done research on them. How one year they joined an lgbtq pride parade and the gays were like " we don't support them". Just the fact that they exist is frightening enough so then I found out about this boy named Johnny Cash who was kidnapped. His mom was on a video talking about how one time she had to go to a court case for a similar case to her son's. And they had this booklet of kids that had not been kidnapped yet. Namba came out with those. Then I did more research that led to all the missing children in Washington DC and then it got real when I found out that the royal family eats people parts. Then all that Hollywood witchcraft stuff came to light then I knew the devil and the powers that be have a whole other plan than we could ever imagine. Then I learned that they have bodies that they say they made in the lab and you can put your consciousness in it. Like getting a brand new body. Well if they can do that who's to say God didn't take sand and make it into man. HE has the power. He alone then I learned about pizza gate and all that evil satanic occult practices that go that go with that. Then I learned about the school children that they took through tunnels underneath the school to get raped. I was horrid. The more I did research and saw what the devil was doing I knew how to solve the kidnapping situation. We just put a GPS in our kids, a necklace, or a ring then whenever we want we can just look and see where they're at. No harm no foul and plus that keeps him safe and I have comfort in knowing that I'm sure it would solve that problem right away. Boom no more kidnappings. No need to thank me because that's using technology wisely. For us not against us. So once I started learning about hypnosis I found out that you could talk about your past lives and it helps with childhood trauma. Then I found out about sound therapy and music can heal us (hz). Then I found out about color therapy, how different colors can affect us in different ways then I learned about diamond body also known as cloudwalkers and many other names. We can transform into a beam of light. It's amazing I have learned of monks going into a deep meditation. Where they would be sitting there for many years, but they would test them and they would be like they had only been sitting there for a while, like a cocoon State I tried to do more research on it and gave up, sorry. But I do try to get all the facts because information is crucial. Knowledge is power. And some stuff will try to lead you astray. That's why you always have to watch your back and look out for yourself. Because no one is going to do it for you and well if you do then I guess you're lucky. Through Christ all things are possible. God is love. Jesus is alive. Jesus saves. God is good we are God's children. We belong to him and the devil wants to try and take our souls. So to the devil it's all a game that's why it's all set up like a mousetrap. To God it's a test. We can change our future. Before I forget I learned about MK ultra which is called the CIA mind control program, is the code name given to a program of experiments on human subjects that were designed and undertaken by the US Central intelligence agency, some of which were illegal. And it really mentally f'ed up people's lives. It was terrifying to hear what other types of tests. Like them being put to sleep then having to hear a tape recording repeating the same things over and over and over again evil things. And there is this thing called smart dust that's a computer chip that are as big as a grain of sand. Records audio and video. So imagine that. 

The most damage has been with sexual abuse, that is what leaves most families broken. For people to be perverted and to rape or sexually assault another is wicked evil. It's like the devil wants to get children 6 through 8 years old touch. It stops with us, dysfunctional behaviors are what hold us back from growing. Breaking these cycles can be easy. All you have to do is try with God. That's why other cultures have destroyed other cultures. We have to be taught to love more. Make our feelings count. And be outspoken about how we feel and emotions. Once we make the home a home again that little impact will change future generations for years to come. I'd hate for others to have to go through trials and turmoil just to get the experience. Like wanting to try drugs, they don't have to try it once to know that drugs will destroy your life. Because there are so many examples of why not to even try it. So I want to educate and heal by showing the youth that we lead by example. And to learn from our mistakes. Life can be worry-free. Once we change what we learn, grow, and eat. And change our home connections. That's when the cycle start changing. Drugs have ruined so many lives. Once we love God we love ourselves. God in our lives he makes us stronger. Addiction is selfish. Sometimes we're not in control of how we start. Drugs and alcohol are not easy to get off of by yourself. I am stronger with god. God is so real it's unbelievable that there is so much proof and evidence. I hope you enjoyed my story and remember if you think I'm wrong about something here just do your own research and uncover the truth for yourself.

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