Art, is it important? Do you share your art or are you a hermit crab with a shell full of wonders? 

      Being an artist doesnt just come from paints and a mastermind in visuals, its the capability of the mind to be creative in every aspect of yourself, to express what can't be expressed through everyday communications; Although this is a feeling or of a concept that I have come across, I, myself desire to express my art everyday through all that I do. Recently, I found myself dwelling in a not so colorful world, the emotion inside of me seems to be yearning for a happiness of some sort, that will bring me up and feel alive again. I want to feel alive, not just realistically or emotionally, however, my mind has been captivated by this blanket of sleep, no longer bringing any thought besides money or work.

"Im unemployed by the way so I'm trying to find a way to bring myself back to life without actually dieing."

An example of expression, through the Art of words. 

      Soo to finalize my intelectual opinion of art, yes, art is important not the art sold through markets or publisized through social media but the art that is brought into a dull world that makes us colorful, a art that our soul emits through emotions, thoughts, dreams, oxymorons just to express something... a world without art would be a world full of sleeping minds... 

Sincerely Arts Expression.



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