Ancient mysteries that we may never solve.Chapter 1

What is the significance of the stones from Carnac?

Are these monoliths the petrified remains of a Roman legion turned to stone by the sorcerer Merlin? At least that's what local legends say, but the truth might be just as fascinating.

Near the village of Carnac in Brittany, a region in northern France, a vast area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 40 hectares is the final location of about 4,000 megaliths that stretch to the horizon. Some stones are placed in a line, others in circles and some on top of each other to form graves. These "armies" of stone are the work of Neolithic people who lived about 5,000-6,500 years ago.

They are proof of the ingenuity of these people who lived before the Celts and who transported these huge pieces of stone over a distance of up to 50 kilometers and placed them with such precision. Even more surprising when you consider that megaliths are of different sizes, the tallest being 6.5 meters.

But why did our ancestors work so hard to create this arrangement? This is a question that historians and scientists have been considering for a long time. One researcher claims that they were a kind of ancient earthquake detection device while others say that they are temples to honor the ancestors of those who built them or some kind of calendar or astronomical device.

t is also possible that their role changed during the 1,000 years of their arrangement, so we may never have a definite answer. But what is certain is that they are truly spectacular.

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