Your ankelt

Your anklets remind me of my loveable days. 

My voice is in your ghungroo(bells),

If I get a huff, then come cheer me up make me

Your voice is in my Ghungroo. 

Whenever your anklet rings. 

Since then my heart beats. 

Your every beat is mine. 

Your anklet will win my heart

We will be blown away when you sing Kangana with henna hands!!


The breath goes on up and down,

The smile on your face,

And a music of anklet in my mind,

Do spread your beats together.

Flying with wings so frequently.

Her baby step for learning dance

Amazing spirit in white frock,

Dance like a beautiful butterfly,

Fly in the skyline.

She danced in a white frock with a ghungroo. 

I kept watching her every steps,

Wave your steps on its music. 

Say everything with the gestures of your eyes.

I gave my heart to your one look.

Angel in a beautiful white frock!

Oh! What a beauty!

A poet must writing on your anklet,

His words spreading his heart on your anklet,



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