Writer Fears And How To Overcome Them

  • Writer fears are fears that writers get when they feel they are not being successful, or they aren't good enough at writing ,or simply because of rejection ,failure or being criticized .This happens quite often and is one of the main reasons why writers quit writing.
  • Writers fears are tough to get through in the wring world especially when we are new at and still learning and there's  lot of rejection and people being overly criticalover your work,yes some will love it,some will hate it,some will say it's good butneeds some work,or thet will tell you grammer sucks.
  • When you're a writer you either learn to toughen your skin and go with the flow and take that critique that was given and you use in your writing to become better and you apply yourself of there some writers who can't take rejection ,or constructive criticism and will quit writing on the spot.how do we overcome these fears ?It's easy never give up,always push through and see things out. Writing can be hard at times and oftern can disc I have had my own experiences with rejection more than once and I came to the point on yourself of giving and I even took a break from writng (but didn't quit).
  • Writing can be tough and will be at times but there are ways of making easier on yourself so practice writing a short story,or article ,or poem or even a book. Practicing will help you become a better writer.
  • When you get rejected or you get bad criticismon your writing don't let it bring you down to the point where you quit,because if you do that then you might miss out on something totally amazing,like a really good writing opportunity.
  • Make sure you proofread, edit,and revise your work as often as you can especially beore posting it anywhere ,use Grammmarly ,or Microsoft word,or whatever you like to use to check for grammer and other mistakes.
  • I even went back to the site I was rejected from and now I write articles for that site.My point is I picked myself up and wrote a book,now I am working a second project,plus may be another book or two.I decided then and there I won't let my fears stop me from doing whta I love most,and you shouldn't either. Get out there,share your writing.
  • Write with all you got,push through the fears,and keep on moving You got This!

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