World of Fine Art !! Artist /Andre Pace

World of Fine Art / 2022

Featured Artist: Andre Pace works of contemporary art+ mix media design works oils, pastels, crayons, acrylic watercolors New Media Avant Grade works in conversation today's international showing.. in the Art works areas of museum, galleries, exhibition, private collector, and university collection.. In translating the artist works modern geners as a detective story as similar to an unknown cause .  His works spoke as rough lines , impenetrable solitude, the artist explodes while creating this series , finding resonance within him self and artist methods , these anxieties and fears relevant in creating great art with sharp daggers . His art works have tortured him in things need to be said , to things that was to disappeared into a mealstorm of ideas created on his cavanes .. often credited for his style colors , and reputation america symbolist he claims one day , evoking Art works both National /regional/ international showing his series to be great.. Available Now online.. 

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