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Now I am going to tell a story about black magic


There was a village in Africa where a small family lived..They lived happily ever after..A terrible storm ravaged everything..That is the storm called black magic...


The name of the girl I was going to talk about was Zara..They were 6 sisters and 1 brother. She was the second of the siblings..In 1998, she married an expatriate..A year later, she gave birth to a baby girl..Her husband returned home in 2004 and a few months later they had another daughter..Their life goes on happily..In 2008, a dispute arose with his younger brother over land..Then two brothers became separated..Zara became pregnant again in 2010..At that time her husband became indifferent to the world..Her husband tortures her for black magic..She was 6 months pregnant when she gave birth to a baby boy..Unfortunately the baby died..In fact he is murdered by a bad jinn..Who was sent by Sam's brother's wife..Oh sorry I forgot to say one thing Zara's husband's name is Sam..Zara and her husband spent several months in mourning..Then they start all over again..A few years later, Sam's nieces started coming to his house..As a result of their coming and going, Sam started abusing his wife and child again..Then Sam's eldest daughter Nurin quarrels with her cousins and blocks their way to come their home..Which makes Sam's brother's wife Maria even more angry..
















Horror stories

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