What makes a winner? What qualities separate them from the rest, & why do they keep repeating success?




The two things all winners have in common, are these… Self belief and a visionary attitude Paying no heed to trends, almost disdainfully ignoring them with a steely fixed goal & resolve… Not everyone can do that…it's a matter of personality, Anyone who wins, by their very character traits, are not weak… Very focused strong people, not above using unorthodox methods to achieve their goal… Many will say "Why didn't I…think of that!" A bit few do… That's why winners are winners!


Fixing the "Unfixable"


Ok so you inherit a business team, that's underperforming…not coming anywhere near the targets expected… But that's why you were appointed…to "Change" that…




Take around two weeks, less if you can, to see where the problem areas are, once you do that, then this is where winners show their true metal… Fire whoever is in charge of that particular department…they are an obstacle to progress, In doing so, it sends out a hard clear message to others… Motivate or go, It shows your expected standards, & what you demand from your team… Being ruthless in business requires the type of personality I mentioned, Nice guys are not ruthless

they worry too much, what others think,

Winners don't care…they only want one thing…to win!


Old Timers & Long Termers


Unpopular words here, but you want to WIN, don't you?

Long termers & old timers tend to become "Comfortable" in their job, The business "stutters" along bit in "fits & starts, hit & miss… But long termers & old timers won't mind, It's always been this way…& as long as their monthly salary comes along… Their contented for things to remain the way they are…indefinably!  

So you shock them out of their lethargy, bring each in turn to your office & be frank, Tell them you want standards raised far above the current levels, & what exactly ate their thoughts & input for your proposals… That in turn will give you a good indication of their mental intent, & if they can't come up with anything tangible or constructive them regard them as part of the "Obstacle" to success. Short of firing them, move them to areas that won't affect trade…or potential gain…" Health & Safety or personell being places to put them, It won't affect your targets. 🙂


Finding the right people


As always, hire positive upbeat people, their passion & drive are infectious, also a smart tip… Hire someone funny, people need a laugh at work, it's great for moral. And example…:I had two gay workers, On a Monday morning everyone was a bit down, weekend over, long week ahead…now…either one of my two gay employees would say something very funny, Gay people can have a really "acid" sense of humor, Everyone laughed, even me, So the moral went up tenfold, everyone felt better… I cannot overstate the importance of good moral anywhere, its like gold dust…




The first quarter targets should be set realistically, the first quarter of the year being the worst in business terms, many have little money after Christmas & New Year, its payback loans & debts time… But you can use this time to access performance and if possible increase, even a little, on the previous years first quarter… Diversity at this time is a good idea…, but gradually work up to that, gear the attitude & mentality toward that, for next year…' Game Plan…" 

As the year develops, & spending money becomes more plentiful.(Spring normally) start pushing for more effort

Money & new business won't come to your doorstep, you need to go out looking for it…



Watch what your competitors are doing,the, areas their being successful,"Headhunt" people who will help you develop your company to new levels, find. People who are very shrewd & aware in areas your company is weak…remember, in business as in sport, building a strong team yields success, not maybe immediately but longer term…defiantly.


Promotion "Merited"

Do always try from time to time, to "Promote from within" Its great for the staff who work for you. It shows them, that if their ambitious and hardworking, the opportunities are there, which in turn motivates everyone. If you don't or can't get anyone in that Dept, to do what's needed, then get someone new in…

Many "Winners" tend to keep the staff they have accumulated very long term, simple reason, they know their job both its limits & requirements, so consequently don't need to be "monitored" all the time, It makes your job easier… Like a well oiled machine, it runs smoothly…that makes "winners" & the reason they keep repeating success…


Fresh Avenues


Business like any "Empire" always needs to "expand" embrace new concepts new technologies, innovation is great, & "steals a march" on your competition, Remember always to take these new ideas onboard…consider them, cannibalise them if you must, do what suits you and your company... Bringing in new people with fresh ideas, from University is excellent, BUT…assess their true value, Sometimes these are taught business "Theory" Business "practice is a wholly different "ballgame" in the real world… Sometimes for these "kids" it's a cold hard culture shock…to find out how things "actually" work!😄 But it's good for them, & a "learning curve"


Takeovers & Cost Effectiveness


Cold truths "No one sells a business making money, they on my start to consider that, once it starts"failing" If approached about this, see if there's any part of the company, that has potential or which parts could be beneficial, Always do a costing, in regard to this, weigh up if developing your own dept from scratch, would be more cost-effective, than actually buying another company, with all the potential headaches involved…once you do your costing, & you still decide to "takeover" anyhow…only offer the costing price of developing your own dept, as the buying price…its good prudent business practice… And scrutinize everything, inc the companies potential customers for the upcoming year, that will give along with other things like overseas sales, an indication of its true worth…


Winning Mentality


As mentioned, not everyone has "What it takes" to be a winner… Many "think" they can, but few actually have the right qualities to achieve it… It calks at times for no small amount of ruthlessness, so be prepared to be "disliked" but that's part of the personality traits required…"toughness" If you have all those, chances are…you're going to succeed



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